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Martes, Oktubre 29, 2013

Cash Loan for Tipping Type Seafarers

Tipping Type Salary for Seafarer
I just realized yesterday, October 29, 2013 that there is a type of seafarer salary called as tipping style or those who are pay on board type. Yesterday was a dilemma for a loan consultant who didn't know yet and haven't experienced this case of a loan applicant for my seaman loan product although I must admit that this is the first time, it also taught me a good lesson for the day to add up to my experience.

Lunes, Oktubre 7, 2013

Seaman Loan No ATM

No ATM Surrender Seaman Loan
So what characterizes the seaman loan no ATM needed credit? First off, for being in the lending industry for cash loans in the Philippines for more than 2 years now, I have experienced so many inquiries from maritime workers or seafarers. Most of them who are looking to be given the chance to apply for fast credit would ask if my loan providers will need to take their ATM card for allotment to a loved one, usually the wife.

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