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Here is the list of requirements for our lowest interest seaman loan 1 day release. If you are interested to apply, please make sure that you have all documents on hand or ask me now to find out other options if you have problems producing the listed seafarer loan requirements.

Basic Documentary Requirements:
  • Completely filled up application form
  • POEA-validated LATEST contract
  • OEC (latest and valid)
  • Allotment slip or allotment certificate (for self allottee and pay on board - must have owned house residence where the address is the same as 2 valid primary IDs) (a co-borrower immediate relative is required)
  • Marriage contract (if married) (3 months latest payslip if not married and a co-borrower immediate relative)
  • Original proof of billing (ONLY electric or water bill is accepted)
  • Those who are married and have joint checking account have the edge and will take less processing time plus release of loan will be faster (less the application time to go to the bank to apply for a checking account)
  • 2 valid primary IDs
  • SRC or seaman's registration certificate ID
  • Latest and valid passport
  • Seamanbook
  • 4 pcs 2x2 photos (both allottee and seaman)
Extra Requirements:

  1. Crewing or Fleet Manager must be able to confirm your departure date. If you have tentative schedule, be sure to talk to your fleet manager and have him or her disclose a date when asked by our lending company verifying personnel.
  2. Proof of billing (electric or water bill) is not necessarily under the borrower's name but the address in the billing statement must coincide with the address stated in the 2 valid IDs.
  3. Those with valid IDs and requirements whose address is from an owned house or family house (parent owned) will have the advantage.

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