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Sabado, Hulyo 11, 2015

Applying to Multiple Seaman Loan Lending Companies in the Philippines

Application Advantages
Whenever we buy something, we always want to make sure to know what we can find and get the best choice on the line. This way, we get the assurance to choose only what we think is best for our budget as well as which one fits our taste.

The same thing works for seafarers looking to apply for seaman loan. There are literally so many lending companies out there willing to cater to your loan application.This the very reason why here at the Seaman Loan Company, we make sure to assist you to as many lending companies as we can provide for your loan. We make sure to offer you all our providers as long as you are willing to accept our offer too.

Sabado, Hunyo 27, 2015

Seaman Loan for 88 Aces Maritime Inc Manning Agency Seafarers

Are you one of the manpower seafarers of 88 Aces Maritime Inc manning agency and you need extra quick cash? Here's how:

88 Aces Maritime Office
Here at, we offer hassle-free consultation and assistance to all seafarers in applying for personal cash loan without collateral. 

Application assistance and consultation is absolutely 100% FREE. To be able to know if you can qualify, you have 3 choices - either you 1.) call us ASAP using our Contact Us numbers listed below 2.) Fill up our online registration and application form or 3.) Send us an email inquiry using our email address.

Sabado, Mayo 23, 2015

Bank Seaman Loan Vs Private Lenders Vs In-House Agency Lending

Seaman On Board
In an article written back in 2014 of August about seaman loan, it mentioned that aggressive approach has recently been implemented by different bank providers for personal loan for seafarers. In-house financing companies within the manning agencies have done the same. As the competition between these two new players in the non collateral loan industry in the Philippines get stiff and tight, private lending companies in the likes of Global Dominion, Asialink Finance Corporation and South Asialink Financing Company, Macondray, Alladdin, Progress, Infinite, EasyCash, Vidalia, Medillo, Metro Credit and the rest, new incentives were sometimes given to loan agents, consultants and duly accredited loan brokers. This is in lieu of providing a good income to these agents in exchange of the possibility that they will have their seaman loan applicants and clients get processed with them.

Martes, Enero 27, 2015

1 Hour Seaman Loan Approval and Loan Release - Is It Possible with BPI, BDO Bank or Private Lenders?

Seaman Loan 1 Hour Release?
In my 3 years of being a professional and qualified loan consultant for multiple top lending companies in the Philippines including banks like BPI and BDO as well as private lenders, I've proven that a 1 hour seaman loan approval and loan release is not possible. On the other hand, it would be much feasible to have a loan application by any maritime worker approved in probably 3-4 hours.

Biyernes, Setyembre 19, 2014

How to Avoid Getting Denied with Your Seaman Loan Application to Any Lending Company in the Philippines

As a professional and qualified loan consultant for more than 2 years now, I have encountered so many clients applying for seaman loan in the Philippines getting denied with their application. Now, there are so many reasons based from my own study and experience why a seafarer (seaman or seawoman) gets denied on their loan.

Linggo, Agosto 10, 2014

Lending Company for Allottee Loan of Seaman in the Philippines

Pinoy Seaman Onboard
Apart from seaman loan, the receiver of extra salary called allotment may also apply for a loan. This is called as the allottee loan and if you are one and would like to get quick cash in the Philippines, there are a lot of choices. As a professional and qualified Filipino loan consultant, I would like to tip you off where you can apply for and find a lending company for allottee loan of seaman.

First off, there is a lending company that offers allotment loan only if you have already gotten approved of a previous loan application and your payment status is in good standing. On the other hand, if you do not have good standing for your payment, chances are, since you are already in what is called in the lending industry in the Philippines as bad credit seaman, you will no longer be allowed to apply or qualify for a loan.

Miyerkules, Pebrero 5, 2014

Seaman Loan No Advance Interest No Agents Fee

It's a wrong impression to think that seaman loan lending companies charge for agent's fee or advance interest or that loan proceeds get deducted with such fees and charges unless otherwise it is specified or declared by your loan agent and presented to you by the lending marketing and loan presenting officers in the form of the different charges for your loan application. This presentation is done upon final approval and before loan contract signing.

Please be reminded that as a loan broker or consultant, I don't refer seafarers to lending companies that charge advance interest or agent's or broker's fee unless otherwise the maritime worker had no other choice but to go for the last resort option due to delinquent and bad credit accounts with a bank or a previously applied loan in other lending providers and private financing firms. Hidden charges is against the law and seafarers should know that. This fact being so, all the loan charges with my providers will be presented to you upon loan final approval before you sign the loan contract. Otherwise, if anything is not clear to you, then don't sign and get the loan or you can ask what the charges are about upon loan presentation before final availment.

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