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Biyernes, Setyembre 19, 2014

How to Avoid Getting Denied with Your Seaman Loan Application to Any Lending Company in the Philippines

As a professional and qualified loan consultant for more than 2 years now, I have encountered so many clients applying for seaman loan in the Philippines getting denied with their application. Now, there are so many reasons based from my own study and experience why a seafarer (seaman or seawoman) gets denied on their loan.

These reasons are so common yet many loan agents fail to give a good solution to their own problems. Here is where I am really good at and I'm glad I have devised a system that is almost full proof when it comes to preventing a loan application from getting declined or denied. All the borrower or client had to do is to be cooperative enough and be transparent in ALL transactions with me and disclosure of sailor information. This way, I may be able to instantly give credit to where a seaman can qualify or most likely won't get declined of a loan application.

In my case, I can even pre-qualify a bad credit seaman and get his application approved in no time for the same 1 day release with lowest interest rate possible. That is how good my system works and has worked for me in the past 1 year or so of my service to the different lending company providers I am duly accredited with in the Philippines.

Reasons Why You Can Get Declined of A Loan Application

Different loan agents, consultants or brokers have different systems and style of entertaining clients. I say I have a different approach to this most important process of applying for seaman loan because apart from the fact that I have studied each of my client's case, I have also made sure to lessen the chance of committing the same mistake by employing or using a full proof system to allow the maritime worker to first pre-qualify so I know which lending company is just perfect for him or her. This way, the chance of getting declined lessens. Below are some basic strategy that I use as a professional loan consultant to avoid such misfits in applying for seaman loan.

  1. Always pre-qualify the maritime worker before referring to a lending company. How you do your pre-qualification should be though a standard list of questions to get information that is valuable to determine outright where he or she can immediately qualify to apply for seaman loan.
  2. Be transparent to your client or borrower and ask outright for him or her to act the same on his end to you. This way, you may be able to get accurate information from the borrower to avoid getting declined of the loan application.
  3. Know which right questions to ask during the pre-qualifying interview and know what information would be vital to get from your borrower in order to have him pre-qualify. For example, I have a previous client applicant for seaman loan wherein we already have the last final interview to be done by the assessing officer. In this last interview, one of the dominant yet generic questions will be asked if the client had a military, politician, media, newspaper, lawyer and the like who is a near relative. This client answered yes and disclosed a military master sergeant. The end result? A DECLINED SEAMAN LOAN APPLICATION!!!
  4. Give tips to the loan applicant which information must be shared and which are not. In the lending industry, there are simple information yet very vital in approving and declining a loan application. It is very important for the loan agent to determine which of these information are to be disclosed and which are to remain unsaid. If you know and love your job as an agent, it is a must to equip yourself with these simple knowledge.
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