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Huwebes, Disyembre 5, 2013

Disclosure of Exact Departure Date for Seaman is Critical for Loan Approval

I have been assisting seafarers for more than 2 years now and from my own experience although small case as it seems, the exact date of departure of a seaman is something that should not be neglected by the loan applicant in the process of seaman loan application. The reason is quite obvious - lending companies will not approve any loan application if the crewing manager or fleet manager will not disclose an exact date of departure of the seaman.

Linggo, Nobyembre 17, 2013

Seaman Loan for Abosta Ship Management Corp Seafarers

Are you working for this shipping company or carrier? If you are one of their seaman, it's about time you know that your liner is duly accredited with one of the lowest interest seaman loan lending company in the Philippines, Manila. This means that should you need financial assistance or fast cash loan, we can definitely offer you our 1 day release credit for seafarers. Just contact us above and we'd be glad to pre-qualify and assist you regardless of how much salary you have or if you are a first timer or not.

Martes, Nobyembre 12, 2013

Co-Borrower Issues for your Seaman Loan and How to Qualify for Allottee with 60 Years Old and Above

Lowest Interest Rate Loan
Basically, many lending companies prefer less risk with a loan in approving them especially for a non-collateral loan like a seaman loan. But what if your co-borrower or allottee is your mother or aunt or a nearest relative who happens to be a senior citizen? What happens if your co-borrower is already over the age of 60 years? Is there a way to still get consideration for such special case?

Well, in many cases, the only way to remedy this allottee co-borrower problem is to provide another co-borrower who is also an immediate relative. To the least, a nearest relative. If this happens, you may or may not need to change your allotment certificate with your manning agency.

Biyernes, Nobyembre 8, 2013

Loan for Cabin Steward Position Seafarer

Pinoy seafarers are known of their good service and tidiness in work as well as in working environment. That is probably one of the reasons why many cruise ships, luxury ships and passenger vessels prefer to have a cabin steward on hand.

If you are serving any of the duly licensed maritime agencies with this position, this is your chance to know more about how to apply for a cabin steward loan with my help through my multiple top lending company providers. Yes, I have different providers willing to give you emergency loans otherwise known as fast loan for maritime workers. If you are one, please use my contact form above or visit this list of accredited manning agencies with valid license to recruit seafarers for cabin steward position here -

Martes, Oktubre 29, 2013

Cash Loan for Tipping Type Seafarers

Tipping Type Salary for Seafarer
I just realized yesterday, October 29, 2013 that there is a type of seafarer salary called as tipping style or those who are pay on board type. Yesterday was a dilemma for a loan consultant who didn't know yet and haven't experienced this case of a loan applicant for my seaman loan product although I must admit that this is the first time, it also taught me a good lesson for the day to add up to my experience.

Lunes, Oktubre 7, 2013

Seaman Loan No ATM

No ATM Surrender Seaman Loan
So what characterizes the seaman loan no ATM needed credit? First off, for being in the lending industry for cash loans in the Philippines for more than 2 years now, I have experienced so many inquiries from maritime workers or seafarers. Most of them who are looking to be given the chance to apply for fast credit would ask if my loan providers will need to take their ATM card for allotment to a loved one, usually the wife.

Miyerkules, Setyembre 25, 2013

Crossworld Maritime Agency: Why Negative to All Lending Companies and No Loan for Seaman Working for this Company?

Crossworld Marine Office
I have encountered twice in my career offering professional FREE service as a freelance loan consultant and assistant in the Philippines for seaman loan. Although I am one of the first to get accredited and affiliated with multiple top lending companies all over the country, I have never encountered any seaman applying for the maritime loan to get denied to all lending companies except for one.

The seaman I am talking about is affiliated and employed with Crossworld Marine Services Inc. I chose that seafarer and I will not disclose his name for privacy purposes. The mariner deserves to know that if and should he need a loan and he is employed with Crossworld, he cannot be accepted to any lending company except for one. The reason is clear according to my experience as well as for the seafarer's story.

Huwebes, Setyembre 19, 2013

Different Lending Companies that Offer Seaman's Loan in the Philippines

Seaman's Loan is one of the first types of non collateral loan in the Philippines that received a recognition for being the fastest to get processed and approved. Most lending companies, private ones, have it at 1 day release and approval. This means that if you have the right and complete set of requirements to submit to the lending company, chances are you are going to get your loan proceeds the same day.

Linggo, Setyembre 8, 2013

Seaman's Loan No Co Maker No Co-Borrower

Seaman Loan Philippines
Of all non collateral loans, only the seaman loan offers the 1 day release loan in the Philippines, the fastest and perhaps the most given priority by many lending companies from banks to private providers. It is a fact though that this type of loan in the Philippines will always require seafarers to have a co-maker or co-borrower because again, it is a non-collateral loan. Being an unsecured type of loan, many lending companies will require you to provider a co-lendee. This is the only way security that the principal borrower will be able to pay the loan proceeds, otherwise, someone else will through the providence of a co-maker or co-borrower.

Huwebes, Agosto 15, 2013

Seaman Loan for PTC Seafarers - Philippine Transmaritime Carriers Inc

PTC or Philippine Transmaritime Carriers Inc is one of the biggest companies helping seafarers get their share of employment and deployment to different top manning agency seaman hiring companies and shipping companies abroad. They have one of the widest scope of coverage with respect to service providers that would hire seafarers, seaman and seawoman looking for a shipping or manning vessel to work in to.

Martes, Agosto 13, 2013

Seaman OFW Loan - Lowest Interest Rate at 2.75% for Ship or Vessel Officials

Are you a vessel or ship official and you need to get fast cash loan? If so, you are going to need to apply for the seaman loan lowest interest rate and just perfect, we have just the right lending company provider for that.

With a very low interest rate of 2.75%, you can achieve your goal to get finance for your immediate and emergency needs. We offer seaman loan for vessel officers with a guaranteed lowest interest rate mentioned above. All you need in order to pre qualify is to pass our initial interview and if your manning agency is not on our hot list of banned shipping agencies, the cash is yours. Please visit here - for more information.

Lunes, Agosto 12, 2013

Seaman Loan Lowest Interest without Taking Your ATM

Apply for Lowest Interest Seaman Loan - Call Me Now!
Many seafarers and maritime workers know the use of an ATM which is basically to have their allotment deposit placed while onboard a shipping vessel. While some seafarers are on a pay on board status, most mariners have an allotment for their family apart from the regular on board salary.

Sabado, Agosto 10, 2013

Seafarer Lending for Crew of Scanmar Maritime Services Manning Agency

Scanmar Maritime Crewing Services
Scanmar Maritime Services is one of the most dependable and high salary giving manning agencies in the Philippines. It is also accredited to many lending companies offering seafarer loan to maritime crew in the industry. If you are working for this POEA accredited crewing agency, then you have a place to turn to if you need cash loan to leave for your family or have your house financed to be finished to serve as a housing loan for seaman or seawoman.

Lunes, Agosto 5, 2013

Seaman and Seawoman Loan for Magsaysay Maritime Manning Agency Seafarers in Passenger Ship

Maritime workers consist not only of male seaman but also of females or women whom we can call seawoman. Magsaysay Maritime Manning Agency is one of the local shipping agencies in the Philippines that employ and deploy female seafarer in numerous luxury passenger ships most of which are categorized as pay on board seaman.

Sabado, Agosto 3, 2013

Loan for Pay On Board or Self Allottee Seaman

Some lending companies will not accept applicant seafarers for the their 1 day release seaman loan if they are either pay on board or self-allottee. The primary reason to this is because seafarers usually don't have an ATM to use as part of the requirement of these special type of lending company.

Lunes, Hulyo 22, 2013

Delinquent Account, Denied and Bad Credit Seaman - We Can Find you a Seaman Loan Provider

Got a delinquent seaman loan account with other top Philippines lending company? Or have you ever been denied to apply for the maritime cash advance either because your Shipping agency is banned from the list of maritime manning companies or you have an unpaid loan due with a lending company. The third case, you can't qualify to apply for the seafarer loan because you have a bad credit.

Biyernes, Hulyo 19, 2013

2.75 % Lowest Interest Rate Seaman Loan - Same Day Release for Maritime Officers

Seaman on Board
Are you a maritime officer and you would like to apply for seaman loan? Inquire now and we will make it fast for you. We process your seafarer cash loan up to as fast as 1 day release and processing if you have the correct and complete requirements plus if you have your allottee and you can bring him or her to the office upon signing for a loan application.

Linggo, Hunyo 16, 2013

Seaman Loan - 1 Day Release and Processing Fast Loan in Philippines

Apply for Our 1 Day Release Seaman Loan Now!
Maritime workers have the edge. Why? Because apart from the fact that they can apply for the no-collateral loan called seaman loan, they get the most out of the ultra fast processing time for this type of lending in the Philippines.

Seaman loan is now just 1 day release and same day processing and awarding of the loanable amount or loan proceeds. This cash advance has given edge for seafarers both seaman and seawoman because they have one of the best sources of loan borrowers in the Philippines today.

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