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Sabado, Mayo 23, 2015

Bank Seaman Loan Vs Private Lenders Vs In-House Agency Lending

Seaman On Board
In an article written back in 2014 of August about seaman loan, it mentioned that aggressive approach has recently been implemented by different bank providers for personal loan for seafarers. In-house financing companies within the manning agencies have done the same. As the competition between these two new players in the non collateral loan industry in the Philippines get stiff and tight, private lending companies in the likes of Global Dominion, Asialink Finance Corporation and South Asialink Financing Company, Macondray, Alladdin, Progress, Infinite, EasyCash, Vidalia, Medillo, Metro Credit and the rest, new incentives were sometimes given to loan agents, consultants and duly accredited loan brokers. This is in lieu of providing a good income to these agents in exchange of the possibility that they will have their seaman loan applicants and clients get processed with them.

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