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Linggo, Nobyembre 17, 2013

Seaman Loan for Abosta Ship Management Corp Seafarers

Are you working for this shipping company or carrier? If you are one of their seaman, it's about time you know that your liner is duly accredited with one of the lowest interest seaman loan lending company in the Philippines, Manila. This means that should you need financial assistance or fast cash loan, we can definitely offer you our 1 day release credit for seafarers. Just contact us above and we'd be glad to pre-qualify and assist you regardless of how much salary you have or if you are a first timer or not.

Martes, Nobyembre 12, 2013

Co-Borrower Issues for your Seaman Loan and How to Qualify for Allottee with 60 Years Old and Above

Lowest Interest Rate Loan
Basically, many lending companies prefer less risk with a loan in approving them especially for a non-collateral loan like a seaman loan. But what if your co-borrower or allottee is your mother or aunt or a nearest relative who happens to be a senior citizen? What happens if your co-borrower is already over the age of 60 years? Is there a way to still get consideration for such special case?

Well, in many cases, the only way to remedy this allottee co-borrower problem is to provide another co-borrower who is also an immediate relative. To the least, a nearest relative. If this happens, you may or may not need to change your allotment certificate with your manning agency.

Biyernes, Nobyembre 8, 2013

Loan for Cabin Steward Position Seafarer

Pinoy seafarers are known of their good service and tidiness in work as well as in working environment. That is probably one of the reasons why many cruise ships, luxury ships and passenger vessels prefer to have a cabin steward on hand.

If you are serving any of the duly licensed maritime agencies with this position, this is your chance to know more about how to apply for a cabin steward loan with my help through my multiple top lending company providers. Yes, I have different providers willing to give you emergency loans otherwise known as fast loan for maritime workers. If you are one, please use my contact form above or visit this list of accredited manning agencies with valid license to recruit seafarers for cabin steward position here -

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