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Linggo, Agosto 10, 2014

Lending Company for Allottee Loan of Seaman in the Philippines

Pinoy Seaman Onboard
Apart from seaman loan, the receiver of extra salary called allotment may also apply for a loan. This is called as the allottee loan and if you are one and would like to get quick cash in the Philippines, there are a lot of choices. As a professional and qualified Filipino loan consultant, I would like to tip you off where you can apply for and find a lending company for allottee loan of seaman.

First off, there is a lending company that offers allotment loan only if you have already gotten approved of a previous loan application and your payment status is in good standing. On the other hand, if you do not have good standing for your payment, chances are, since you are already in what is called in the lending industry in the Philippines as bad credit seaman, you will no longer be allowed to apply or qualify for a loan.

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