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Miyerkules, Pebrero 5, 2014

Seaman Loan No Advance Interest No Agents Fee

It's a wrong impression to think that seaman loan lending companies charge for agent's fee or advance interest or that loan proceeds get deducted with such fees and charges unless otherwise it is specified or declared by your loan agent and presented to you by the lending marketing and loan presenting officers in the form of the different charges for your loan application. This presentation is done upon final approval and before loan contract signing.

Please be reminded that as a loan broker or consultant, I don't refer seafarers to lending companies that charge advance interest or agent's or broker's fee unless otherwise the maritime worker had no other choice but to go for the last resort option due to delinquent and bad credit accounts with a bank or a previously applied loan in other lending providers and private financing firms. Hidden charges is against the law and seafarers should know that. This fact being so, all the loan charges with my providers will be presented to you upon loan final approval before you sign the loan contract. Otherwise, if anything is not clear to you, then don't sign and get the loan or you can ask what the charges are about upon loan presentation before final availment.

It is more wise to say and think that if a seafarer's choice has narrowed down due to bad credit or delinquent loan payments or due unpaid balances in the financing industry and had a court case BP-22 bounced check or cancelled credit card that yes, you have no choice but to go for the loan sharks. It is the only time when a seaman get persistent to get a loan that we are obliged to refer them to higher interest rate options. Otherwise, the policy of no advance interest and no agent's fee applies to all our client sailors looking to apply for our seaman loan product.

Rest assured that if you are a seafarer with clean record and have no other existing or previous loans with bad credit status that we will help you get the most out of getting cash advance for sailors - seafarer loan.

You can read the list of requirements here or fill up our form above so we can attend to your inquiry as soon as we read your concern. Or in this case, you can directly call or text me using my comprehensive contact numbers.



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